A New Chapter in Rodeo Excellence: Unveiling Our Arena’s New Bucking Chutes

Bronc Rider in front of new chutes

A Collaborative Vision Brought to Life

Last year marked a pivotal moment for our arena with the unveiling of new bucking chutes, a transformation made possible through a landmark partnership between the Clackamas County Event Center and the Canby Rodeo Association. This collaboration not only signifies a shared commitment to the rodeo sport but also heralds a new era of safety and aesthetic appeal in our venue. The decision to replace the old chutes was driven by a mutual recognition of the need for modernization—to enhance the experience for everyone involved, from the athletes and livestock to the spectators cheering from the stands. The result is a set of state-of-the-art bucking chutes that stand as a testament to what can be achieved when community and passion come together.

Prioritizing Safety and Performance

Central to the partnership’s objectives was the unwavering priority placed on safety. The new chutes incorporate advanced safety features designed to protect both the participants and the animals, ensuring that the thrill of rodeo remains rooted in a culture of care and respect. This focus on safety has set a new standard for rodeo events, offering peace of mind to all and allowing competitors to focus on their performance, secure in the knowledge that the infrastructure around them is built to the highest specifications. The feedback from the rodeo community has been overwhelmingly positive, affirming the importance of this investment in making our arena a beacon of safety in the sport.

Aesthetically Pleasing, Community Proud

Beyond the significant safety enhancements, the aesthetic upgrade of the bucking chutes has reinvigorated the look and feel of our arena, reflecting the pride and spirit of the Clackamas County and Canby Rodeo Association partnership. The sleek, modern design of the new chutes enhances the visual experience for attendees, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere that defines our events. This aesthetic improvement is more than just cosmetic; it symbolizes the dedication and care that the partnership brings to the rodeo community, ensuring that our venue remains a place where tradition meets contemporary excellence.

This collaboration between the Clackamas County Event Center and the Canby Rodeo Association has set a new benchmark for how infrastructure improvements can elevate the rodeo experience. It reflects a shared vision for the future—one that honors the rich legacy of rodeo while embracing innovation and safety. As we look forward to the exciting events ahead, we are reminded of the power of partnership and community in advancing the sport we love. Join us in celebrating this new chapter, where every buck, twist, and turn is supported by chutes that are as robust in safety as they are in spirit and style.

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