The Canby Rodeo and the Canby Rodeo Association are always looking for new volunteers that wish to help the community put on a professional rodeo. If you are looking to become a volunteer please download the application below and return it, in .pdf format, with the automated form at the bottom. All volunteers get two free passes to one night at the rodeo*. This is a great opportunity to help out your community and network with fellow like minded members and volunteers.



Please review and understand the volunteer membership criteria. 


Parking lot: Help park contestants 

VIP Area: Serving, clean up/set up, refilling coolers with drinks ice

Roping Chutes: Sort calfs

Stripping chutes: Stripping headgear off of calfs, sorting calfs

Grandstands: Helping patrons find their seats


To help promote Professional Rodeo and the Clackamas County Fair through the Canby Rodeo, knowing that our foundation lies within the tireless volunteers, which without them we could not function.


The objective of recruiting volunteers is to develop a group of candidates to fill the Canby Rodeo Associates member vacancies and to utilize community support to help produce a rodeo.


Volunteers shall work alongside the Canby Rodeo Directors and Associates on all tasks required to successfully produce a rodeo. Some of these tasks include, but not limited to: security and safety, hospitality and VIP, parking, arena setup, yearly maintenance, ticket taking, sign and banner setup, clean up, etc. The volunteer guidelines are subject to change during any regular Canby Rodeo Committee meeting by a vote of the committee directors. Please read the Volunteer Membership Criteria.


1. Volunteer Member applicants will be screened by the Associate/Volunteer Sub-Committee or by other members of the Rodeo Committee.
2. Volunteer Members are highly encouraged to attend the Canby Rodeo Board Committee meetings, but are not required and do not have voting rights during the meetings.
3. Volunteer Members will be reviewed annually by the Canby Rodeo Associate Sub-Committee.
4. Volunteer Members are allowed up to two (2) total tickets for each year’s performance. With the limitation of one (1) ticket for Friday night and zero (0) tickets for Saturday night.
5. Volunteer Members should understand the mission and philosophy of the Canby Rodeo Committee and Clackamas County Fair Board.

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