Experience the Thrill: Canby Rodeo at the Clackamas County Fair

Bronc rider at the Canby Rodeo

A Fusion of Tradition and Adrenaline

The Canby Rodeo, a marquee event of the Clackamas County Fair, stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of rodeo culture, blending rich traditions with the pulsating energy of modern sports entertainment. This unique rodeo compresses the excitement of a four-hour event into an action-packed, two-hour spectacle. Attendees are treated to a whirlwind of activities that showcase the bravery, skill, and determination of top-tier athletes and magnificent livestock. It’s where barrel racing, bull riding, team roping, and bronc riding illuminate the arena, each event woven into the next to maintain an electrifying pace.

More Than Just Rodeo Action

The Canby Rodeo transcends the boundaries of traditional rodeo events to offer a full cultural immersion into the western lifestyle. Beyond the dust of the arena and the thrill of the competition, the rodeo is a celebration of community and heritage. Visitors can indulge in delicious, hearty fare, sway to the rhythms of country music, and enjoy the fellowship of others who share a deep appreciation for the rodeo way of life. It’s an environment charged with excitement, filled with the aroma of traditional foods, the sounds of laughter and music, and the palpable energy of anticipation for each event.

Join the Celebration

The inclusion of the Canby Rodeo within the Clackamas County Fair amplifies the event’s appeal, making it a highlight of the fair that draws crowds from far and wide. It’s an invitation to experience the heart-pounding moments of rodeo sports, enveloped within the broader festivities of one of the most cherished county fairs. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of rodeo, the joy of fair attractions, or simply the desire to partake in a celebration of community and tradition, the Canby Rodeo at the Clackamas County Fair promises an unforgettable experience. Pack your enthusiasm, wear your cowboy hats with pride, and step into an event where every moment is a blend of spectacle, tradition, and heart-stopping excitement.

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