The Canby Rodeo Association Scholarship fund is proud to award worthy applicants a scholarship based on scholastic achievement and community service, including 4H, FFA, and/or equestrian club involvement. Individual scholarships may range between $1500 & $2000 dollars. Up to 4 scholarships may be given each year depending on the applications submitted. These scholarships have been created and funded by and with the help of outstanding leaders of our community. Namely, Robert “Bob” TraversoDon Carpenter, and Dr. Michael “Doc” Harms. We thank them for selflessly volunteering for many years and are proud to recognize them by giving back to the youth of our community.
These scholarships will be available to graduating seniors who are 4-H, F.F.A, or Equestrian Club members, and members of High School Rodeo teams. A livestock background is preferred and applicants must have been an active member in one of these groups for a minimum of two years during high school.The scholarships will be awarded at the Canby Rodeo on Saturday during the performance unless otherwise announced. Winners must be available Saturday night and must be in official dress or in show ring attire. To be eligible applicants must be pursuing a college or a vocational degree. Applicants must be a resident of and attended at least two years of High School in Clackamas County. Those applicants, who reside in Marion or Multnomah Counties, but belong to a Clack. Co. 4-H group or Mt. Hood District FFA Chapter and show in 4-H/FFA classes at the Clackamas Co. Fair as their primary Fair will be also be eligible. Scholarship funds will be available after the first grading period. Applicants must also provide transcripts and second term / semester pre-registration. A grace period of one school year will be allowed for college enrollment. After that time the scholarship will be considered void.

Please note: Before completing the application, read all instructions. DO NOT attach pages or any supplemental material (no photos, and no letters of recommendation). DO NOT place the application in any type of folder or binder or cover. Please type or print clearly in blue or black ink. Any incomplete sections of this application will prevent you from receiving a scholarship. Interpretation of scholarship requirements will be at the sole discretion of the Canby Rodeo Association’s designated scholarship review committee and their recommendations will be final. The Canby Rodeo Association’s officers and the Board of Directors will make the final decision on choosing the recipients.The awarding of these scholarships in any given year does not automatically guarantee that these scholarships will be awarded in subsequent years.

Please check the following;

1. This is a five (5) page application, are all pages filled in correctly?

2. Do you have all needed signatures?

3. High School transcripts: 4yrs must be included.

4. Application must be post marked by May 1st of application year.



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