The Canby Rodeo, presented by the Clackamas County Fair, is held traditionally the 3rd week in August. The first sanctioned rodeo in Canby was held in 1958 and was called the “Clackamas County Fair Rodeo”. The rodeo was held on the heels of a very poorly attended Fair the previous year. The Fair reported that “Fair attendance was down, gate receipts were down, and exhibitor participation was down”.

The Fair Board realized that only a dramatic economic change could solve the problem. The Fair Board sought out the help of Canby resident Craig Landeen, a promotor of rodeo. Landeen and his wife Marilyn were involved in many facets of rodeo throughout the Northwest, from participation to management.

Craig Landeen was asked for advice concerning possibilities of a rodeo as an attraction to boost attendance to the Fair. With the blessing and prompting of the Fair Board, Landeen developed a list of prospective stock contractors, costs, risks, publicity possibilities, rodeo format, and extra events. Landeen then stunned the Fair Board by proposing to squeeze “four hours of rodeo excitement in only two hours”! The Fair Board liked the proposal!

Today, over 50 years later, spectators are still treated to the tradition “four hours of rodeo excitement in only two hours”. This innovative idea makes Canby Rodeo one of the best rodeos to watch in the Northwest!

Always striving to make a better rodeo, the Canby Rodeo has recently implemented “Same day slack and same day performance”. Same day slack and same day performance simply means that timed event competitors will receive both of his or her opportunities or “go-rounds” to compete on the same day of the rodeo. Making it more economical for the cowboy/cowgirl and more enjoyable for the fan!

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