A New Chapter in Rodeo Excellence: Unveiling Our Arena’s New Bucking Chutes

Bronc Rider in front of new chutes

A Collaborative Vision Brought to Life Last year marked a pivotal moment for our arena with the unveiling of new bucking chutes, a transformation made possible through a landmark partnership between the Clackamas County Event Center and the Canby Rodeo Association. This collaboration not only signifies a shared commitment to the rodeo sport but also […]

Experience the Thrill: Canby Rodeo at the Clackamas County Fair

Bronc rider at the Canby Rodeo

A Fusion of Tradition and Adrenaline The Canby Rodeo, a marquee event of the Clackamas County Fair, stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of rodeo culture, blending rich traditions with the pulsating energy of modern sports entertainment. This unique rodeo compresses the excitement of a four-hour event into an action-packed, two-hour spectacle. Attendees […]

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